Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet

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The Rambo® Ionic Stable Sheet from Horseware® Ireland introduces ionic therapy technology to support peak performance. The inner fabric of this therapeutic horse blanket is printed with the powdered form of a naturally occurring crystal called tourmaline. Tourmaline releases negative ions, which causes a change in the water within the horse’s body, increasing blood flow to key areas such as muscles. Increased blood flow brings increased levels of oxygen to the muscles and helps to clear toxins from the body. Great for use before exercise to prepare muscles for work, the Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet is also helpful after exercise to help reduce lactic acid build-up in muscles. Rambo Ionic technology also helps stimulate metabolism, strengthen the immune system, restore pH balance and reduce blood pressure. The fabric of the blanket is highly wicking and durable, so it can be used while traveling and in the stable as well as before and after exercise to promote the well-being of the horse.


Sizing in 3" increments.
Ring-spun polyester with moisture management technology.
Machine wash.