Classic Equine 3/4" ESP Contour Saddle Pad 32"x34"- Black/Seafoam


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The ESP Contoured Wool Pad is a 100% wool blanket top saddle pad that has a contoured felt body with a shape design to mimic the horse's topline that conforms to the horse's back while maintainting density, an XPF center with a self adjusting profile that provides the highest level of protection, and an orthopedic grade felt bottom that soaks up moisture allowing the heat to dissipate away from the horse's back. The blanket top can also be folded back for shim placement if necessary and lays clean and flat against the pad. The size of the saddle pad is 3/4" thick and 32"x34".

  • Classic Equine Saddle Pads
  • Black/Seafoam
  • 32" x 34"
  • 3/4" Thick
  • 100% New Zealand wool blanket top
  • High quality 100% felt bottom absorbs shock, wicks moisture, dissipates heat, and stays soft for the life of the pad
  • Felt is “pressed” for better compression rebound and a much longer life
  • Contoured to fit the horse’s back with cinch and wither cutouts for closer saddle fit
  • Blanket top folds back over withers for discreet shim placement